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Like Dark Minds

Kasey Laughton is on the mind of a sadistic killer. She’s been damaged, abandoned, and doesn’t know who to trust, but now she has to find out where she stands. Her survival may depend on it. Will old friends, her own tenacity, and the mysterious appearance of FBI agent Gina Cessario be enough to outmaneuver a madman? Who will survive the mind games, and who will find redemption?

Kasey Laughton – Kasey knows all about the concept of tragedy. After losing most of her family and feeling betrayed by those she trusted, she’s descended into the only place she feels safe. Distrustful, sarcastic, and sometimes self-destructive, she plays to the extremes, unable to tell who can help her. She talks tough and acts tougher.

When she’s targeted by a ruthless killer, Kasey has no choice but to find someone to trust, and quickly, before she winds up on a road she can’t come back from. 

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Blood Hybrid

Something is attacking the city of Nashville, wreaking havoc in the halls of LaRoze Hospital. Expelled scientist Alexis Douglas finds herself sucked back in to pin down the cause and save the rapidly growing class of patients. An escaped inmate, an arrogant colleague, recent history and an evolving medical beast threaten the possibility of success. Will lightning strike twice, or will the blood hybrid win the war?

Alexis Douglas: When it comes to genetics, there’s very little she can’t do. A PhD at an early age, she’s lived her life on an endless string of personal missions. After frequent clashes with the LaRoze University Board, she finds herself in a place she never expected. When lives are on the line and everything she knew is turned upside down, she embarks on what will become her most important mission.

Natalie Merrick: Once an essential part of Alexis’s life, she reappears at the worst possible time. Her determination to set things right and her tendency to leap into unknown situations combine to put her in a dangerous position. 

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One Step From The Edge

It was supposed to be a simple job. Fly in, leave cargo, fly out. But from the moment Blare Casey and Bon Jacobs landed at Teratia Field, nothing could be described as simple. After meeting a mysterious woman and barely surviving disaster, they soon realized danger wasn’t limited to the isolated island they landed on. Can three people overcome the evils of men, the dangers of the jungle, and the secrets inside themselves? And would helpless fury lead one to take that last step over the edge?

Blare Casey: A hotshot pilot with a violent past, she’s spent 12 years building a new life for herself, only to find everything put on hold thanks to a twist of fate. She knows what it’s like to fight for life, but she finds herself in a position she’s never been in before.

Bon Jacobs: Blare’s co-pilot, best friend, surrogate father, and greatest supporter, Bon is the anchor that tries to keep things simple. Pulled in multiple directions, he has to decide how far he’s willing to go to do what he thinks is the right thing.

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Bleed The Stars

A cop trying to forge a new path. A serial killer on the loose. A psychotic in need of protection. Rayden Glenn finds herself on the run with “The Cosmos Killer” Dezi LeMarco. Will she be able to protect Dezi, or will Dezi find her way back to The Family?

Dezi LeMarco: The “Cosmos Killer” loved to carve stars into her victims, and is quite proud of her various psychotic diagnoses. She loves watching shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer almost as much as she likes messing with the heads of others. Deep down, something about her doesn’t quite match her fame.

Rayden Glenn: A police officer with a lot to prove to herself. She is trying to get her career back on track when Willie Mordrose, the demented leader of his own Family, escapes prison. Rayden is put in charge of protecting a former member of Mordrose’s family, Dezi LeMarco. She has to avoid getting sucked in by Dezi’s wavering personality as the search for Mordrose blazes a trail across the city. 

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Flight To Eternity

Book 1 of The Team Apollo Series/Eternity Series

A standard mission turns into a fight for survival as disaster strikes New Cape Canaveral. The US Air Force Special Space Group, led by Team Apollo, must escape to the USS Eternity Space Station. Unable to determine what’s happening on the ground, and now charged with protecting the passengers and crew of the Eternity from an uncertain future, personal and political strife threatens to undermine their new mission. It’s a mission they can’t fail if they want to survive.

Flight to Eternity follows the US Air Force Special Space Group as they are forced to leave the Earth for an uncertain future aboard the USS Eternity space station. In order to survive they and the civilians and politicians on board must learn to deal with their surroundings, each other, and power struggles until they are forced to make the ultimate decision. 

Captain CJ “Rockstar” Sharp: The second in command of Team Apollo, and the one most obsessed with space, she has to deal with a traumatic past and present in order to be the best that she wants to be.

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Book 1 of the Lost Oceans Series
Book 2 of The Eternity Series

Trapped on a wounded aircraft carrier in the middle of some of the worst storms in recorded history. Shocked by explosions that may be even worse than originally believed. Lost without communication or a direction, with no way to know what’s happening in the world at large.

Kit West, niece of an Air Force astronaut and assistant to notorious reporter Elena Cruz, finds herself surrounded by strangers in an unfamiliar situation. With no way to gather outside information, the passengers and crew of Eric Hunter Dupree’s luxury carrier must find a way to survive on their own.

Can the HDS Liberty stay afloat? Will the multiple classes on the ship cost themselves a chance at survival, or will new alliances be born?

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Eternal Games

Book 2 of The Team Apollo Series
Book 3 of The Eternity Series

The most dangerous man is the one who thinks life is truly a game… As if the destruction of most of the known world and a rash of near-death experiences weren’t enough, the members of Team Apollo must now adapt to a new kind of life. All of their work and whatever safety they may feel is suddenly threatened by a man who thinks life and death is a grand game… And he lives to play.

It is 16 months after the events on the USS Eternity space station. The six members of Team Apollo, with the growing population of Fort Chaffee, are still trying to find answers about what really happened to the planet they love. As they try to restore communications and handle the many changes happening in their lives, trouble appears in the form of a methodical tyrant who turns the entire dynamic upside down. 

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Eternal Power

Book 3 of The Team Apollo Series
Book 4 of The Eternity Series

Forging a new existence on a damaged planet is never easy. As the members of Team Apollo and the growing family of Fort Chaffee continue to find their way in a new world, a power from the past emerges to test the team dynamic. Will the sometimes strained coalition gain their footing in time, or will they lose everything they’ve worked for?

Less than a month after defeating a psychopathic tyrant named Rayard Rosen, Team Apollo are coming to terms with the events of Eternal Games. Dominic Esteban continues to remake himself into a leader, while his second in command, CJ Sharp, tries to pick up the pieces of her tested teammates. Cane “Dreamboat” Sanford must adjust to life after killing Rosen. Alina “Houdini” Vasquez looks to find her true place in the world while the entire Chaffee crew works to integrate the technology they inherited from Rosen.

After Rosen’s lieutenant reveals a secret, Team Apollo is reintroduced to a power from the past and their world is shaken. A search for position becomes a struggle for life as a broken crew must dig deep to survive. Will Apollo ride the lightning once again, or will they crash and burn? 

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Road to Eternity

Eternity Series Prequel

Road to Eternity: Cynthia “Cropduster” Purdue is a short prequel to Flight to Eternity. It is 2042, two years before the events of Eternity, and Cynthia Purdue is living in the clubhouse of a notorious motorcycle club in North Platte, Nebraska. Two years removed from the loss of the last of her family, she is struggling to find her direction and has become rather complacent in her position as the somewhat unwanted house guest of the Red Platte Crew MC.

When the RPC president returns to North Platte, the life she was surviving is suddenly turned upside down. In a matter of a few days she has to decide where she’s going to go, decisions that will eventually lead her to the USS Eternity.

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Keep flying, even if on paper wings.

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